A Coven of Two

Welcome to The Tipsy Witch – a blog where two women share thoughts, tips, crafts, recipes, ideas, intentions, and wine. This is a space for exploration. A space to dabble and investigate. We’ll be up front, neither of us are practioners of Wicca (at least not yet). The Tipsy Witch was born more out of an interest for Wicca, Witchcraft and the idea of communing and being in tune with the Earth. It was also born out of several bottles of red wine.

We (Emily & Ashton)  met two years ago when Ashton started working at the same company as Emily. You know how they say “love at first sight?”. Well, for us, it was at least “recognition at first sight”. We immediately clicked and it was as if we had been friends since birth. It actually freaked out co-workers out how in tune and like minded we were. Since then, the company is gone and we have moved (Emily to New Hampshire and Ashton to Germany), but our friendship has really only gotten stronger. And one of the things we have bonded over the most is our interest and fascination with all things Wicca and Witchcraft related.

Since we live apart, the initial concept for this Blog was really more of a way to stay in touch. A place to explore these ideas together. However, we want to also share them with you. We want to share our recipes, our crafts, our research and our thoughts. We hope this becomes its own community – a virtual Coven.

We do want to be honest and tell you, we will make mistakes. We will get terminology wrong and we will have moments of naivety. But our point is to learn and to grow. We want to learn about Wicca and practice and grow with mindfulness. So we request that if you do follow, that you do so with patience and with an open-mindness. Please, comment and engage with us and teach us!

Since today marks the start of Mabon – a harvest holiday to celebrate thankfulness and the harkening of the Autumn Exquinox – we thought it was appropriate to post this message today and to bring The Tipsy Witch to life.




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