Fire Burn, Essential Oil Bubble

When we first moved into our new house, I was very aware that it did not smell like home. I smudged the whole house on several occasions, but every time I entered, it smelled like someone else’s house. I lugged all of my essential oils out of their boxes and started researching and blending like a woman possessed. (Pinterest EVERY combination!)

Witch_John_William_Waterhouse_Magic_Circle_Painting_Casting_SpellsHow I looked testing blends (probably)

Unfortunately, it has been a few months and I still haven’t decided what our house should smell like. However I DID discover a blend that was the perfect scent for a perfume; a mythical creature that is both earthy and floral, I wanted to bathe in it and drink it (please don’t).

To be honest, I was not paying attention to the magical properties of each oil when I started my hunt for the perfect house smell. But once I decided to create a perfume, it was important to know what kind of magic I was giving off. Without knowing it, I had chosen a blend with many of the same properties repeated, mainly love, meditation, passion and spirituality. I don’t think it is a coincidence that these are all things I try to focus on and keep in the forefront of my life. When the universe speaks, or in this case smells, you should always listen and breathe it in! Plus, who doesn’t want to walk around smelling like an amazing, sexually awakened, curse free, meditative, love goddess?

I put my blend into a 10mL glass roll-on bottle, but it also works as a diffuser recipe. Be sure to use a carrier oil (I use Jojoba) if you are applying it to your skin.

  • 10 drops rose oil – sexual passion, love, romance
  • 8 drops patchouli – fertility, money, curse breaking
  • 4 drops frankincense – sacred oil, meditation, spirituality
  • 6 drops sandalwood – spirituality, passion, healing
  • Fill remainder with carrier oil (I use Jojoba)

The original blend came from, and is called Gypsy Moon, however I tweaked it and added more Sandalwood, because it smells amazing so why not?

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