Lammas Wheat Cookies with Flowers

Today is August 1st, which marks the celebration of Lammas. This holiday celebrates the beginning of the annual wheat harvest and signifies the bounty summer has brought us, while heralding the coming of Autumn.

As I walk through the wheat fields on my daily morning hikes with my dog, the sense of abundance and life is overwhelming. You can easily lose yourself in these fields, which stretch out across the countryside, intermingled with farmland of corn, squash, and sunflowers. It is truly gorgeous and instills you with a sense of belonging that you don’t find on a city street.

However, as much as I love the beauty of summer, I am ready for Autumn to come out and take deep root. I long for the crisp mornings and the sprawling pumpkin patches that will soon replace the sunflower fields. I think it is for this reason that I find such beauty in wheat fields. They are a sign of what is leaving, and what is coming.

To celebrate Lammas, I made wheat cookies with edible flowers rolled into the dough. I loved the symbolism of the dried flowers – summer slowly fading and coming to a close. I found a great, and very easy, recipe here at Pavanis Kitchen.


This recipe was incredibly easy to make, and also very quick! The only additions/substitutions I made were adding in the edible flowers and substituting almond milk for the regular milk the recipe called for.


I am so happy to have been able to translate the feeling I had being in the fields into these cookies. I truly feel like they are imbibed with the qualities of nature that I experience daily. I hope you enjoy them, and celebrating this shifting season, as much as I do.



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